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2021 Legislative Priorities for IowaCASA

IowaCASA advocates for legislation that will look at issues of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault as the public health crisis that it is. We will actively center efforts to prevent sexual violence. This includes expanding middle and high school health education curricula to include information about consent and dating violence. In addition, we support the development of a comprehensive state strategy to reduce sexual harassment, abuse, and assault, including but not limited to:

  • Strengthening economic support for families to address poverty, economic security, and power imbalances

  • Ensuring access to affordable quality childcare, which is critical to improve economic conditions and to promote family stability

  • Making paid family and medical leave a reality for our most vulnerable citizens

  • Establishing strong workplace protections that address risk factors for sexual harassment.

IowaCASA advocates for legislation that actively works to dismantle white supremacy. This includes supporting efforts to enhance civic participation and reduce barriers to voting and ensuring equity and inclusion across all systems to rights, services, and justice. Laws and systems that center white supremacy and racism—whether intentionally or unintentionally—have resulted in unacceptable disparities for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.

IowaCASA advocates for state and federal funding to support victim service programs that provide support, resources, and counseling to survivors of sexual assault. While federal funds enhance program capacity, state funds support infrastructure that enables local agencies to provide comprehensive, lifesaving services. We support legislation that would invest $7.5 million in state funds for victim services to address significant unmet needs and prioritizes efforts to eliminate disparities in access to services for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.


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