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Legal Advocacy

IowaCASA's legal department provides holistic civil legal representation to those who have experienced sexual violence in secondary schools and college campuses. 

Our current funding allows us to help those who have experienced sexual violence gain access to available resources and options to allow for greater safety from sexual harm. In addition, our legal team educates students about their rights under both state and federal law. 

There are no costs or fees associated with the legal services IowaCASA provides. While our current services are limited to school or campus-based assault, IowaCASA is able to provide referrals to attorneys across the state who may offer legal services as well. 

Civil remedies exist for Iowans who have experienced sexual violence. As of July 1, 2017, someone who has experienced a sexual assault may petition the court for a sexual assault civil protective order. Sexual assault protective orders provide additional options and security that hadn't been possible up until this point.

Based on your current situation, you may qualify for civil remedies in the state of Iowa. You may consult with an attorney or talk to an advocate about this option. An advocate is a a trained professional with a wealth of knowledge about your options and resources. To find an advocate in your area, click here.

Click here to access our Legal Department's Referral Form.

Laura Velazquez,

Legal Advocate