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The job opportunities listed below are for available openings at IowaCASA or the Resource Sharing Project of IowaCASA.

IowaCASA Interim Executive Director

The Interim Executive Director (IED) is the interim chief executive officer of the organization and is responsible for the overall management of programs and operations in support of the organizational mission and goals during this time of leadership transition. The IED is the final authority for all personal matters and delegates supervision to other positions as appropriate. They provide a voice for agencies dedicated to ending sexual violence and work to create an atmosphere of non-violence through social change. The Interim Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors, leads staff and volunteers, guides agency-wide direction and focus, and ensures that the organization has sufficient financial and human resources to meet its mission. The IED oversees both state and national initiatives and represents the interests of sexual violence survivors and those who provide services to them at the state and national level.

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