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Gov. Kim Reynolds signs executive order restoring rights for people with felony convictions

Gov. Kim Reynolds

Thank you to Governor Kim Reynolds for signing today’s executive order to restore voting rights to some Iowans with felony convictions.

We applaud the MANY advocates, the Des Moines Black Lives Matter activists, and the legislators who have worked tirelessly to make this executive order a reality.

We are pleased to note that this executive order will not require people with felony convictions to fully pay back restitution payments owed to their victims in order to regain their rights. This ultimately means more Iowans will be allowed to vote, and that’s great news. We believe voting is a basic human right.

While an executive order is not a permanent fix, it is a step in the right direction. We urge the Iowa Legislature to move forward with legislation in the near future that would once and for all restore voting rights to all Iowans.

Find out more about Gov. Reynold's executive order by checking out this article from The Des Moines Register - click here.

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