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This Giving Tuesday, we raised $2,600!

This Giving Tuesday, supporters of the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assaulted helped raise more than $2,600. This means more protections for victims, and your support made all the difference!

The impact of your Giving Tuesday gift is strong. This year, we're choosing to use these funds to expand our 2020 legislative agenda.

  • We're working with state policymakers to restore victim service programs' budgets that were cut during the 2017 legislative session to $6,734,400.

  • We want to eliminate the civil and criminal statute of limitations for sexual assaults. The impacts of sexual abuse and assault do not go away after 10 years, and neither should the penalty. Survivors deserve justice and healing no matter how long it takes.

  • We want to ensure that victims' rights are enforceable, this means repealing immunity protections to hold actors in the criminal justice system accountable so that they will follow Iowa's victim rights statutes.

  • When crime victims fear contacting the police, it increases danger for victims and undermines public safety for everyone because those who cause harm remain free to potentially abuse and assault others. Immigrant survivors face insurmountable barriers to seeking help because those causing harm exploit the victim's fear of deportation to keep them silent. That's why we are going to push for protection of crime victims regardless of immigration status.

  • Survivors deserve employment protections to allow them to recover emotionally and physically from the trauma they've endured.

  • Survivors need to be eligible for state childcare assistance so that they can cooperate with law enforcement officials, attend court or parole board hearings, and be able to seek medical treatment and counseling related to their victimization(s).

  • We're planning on working with lawmakers on a number of proactive prevention initiatives, including: strengthening economic supports for women and families to address poverty, economic security, and power imbalances between women and men; making paid family and medical leave and affordable quality childcare a reality for our most vulnerable citizens; and establishing strong workplace protections that address risk factors for sexual harassment.

Stay tuned for more updates about our legislative agenda heading into the New Year. And mark your calendars! Save the date for March 4, 2020, for IowaCASA's Advocacy Day at the Capitol. More details to follow! Keep an eye on our website and/or social media for more details.

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