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Sexual assault knows no political boundaries: Here's how to get help

If there is one thing everyone, whether liberal or conservative, should be able to agree on, it is that the news cycle these days is relentless.

For sexual violence survivors, that is particularly true.

Kerri True-Funk, associate director of the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said even before discussions about sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh dominated headlines during his confirmation process, Iowans were grappling with the violent deaths of Mollie Tibbetts and Celia Barquin Arozamena.

All of that was piled on top of months and months of descriptions of sexually exploitative acts by powerful men as the #MeToo movement gained steam.

“What we are hearing from sexual assault services across the state is ... programs are seeing survivors being triggered by the constantness of it. They’re struggling to meet the requests for services coming in,” True-Funk said. “This has been really overwhelming for a large number of survivors.”

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