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Iowa Not Immune To High Profile Sexual Assault Cases

[The] Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault says every survivor reacts to sexual assault differently.

"The survivors who are speaking out in these situations are incredibly brave," Kerri True-Funk with Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault said. “It’s hard to say if it is worth it for these survivors because this is part of their healing process and everyone’s is different".

Back in May, three woman accused former Iowa Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nate Boulton of inappropriate behavior.

As a result, Boulton suspended his run for governor.

True-Funk says not all accusers seek legal ramifications.

“For a lot of survivors, it’s about being heard and believed and that’s apart of their healing process. For some survivors they do want to see criminal charges," True-Funk said.

True-Funk was unable to say whether movements like #MeToo reduce cases of sexual assault but says it is improving people’s perceptions.

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