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University of Iowa lecturer fired after violating sexual harassment policy

A University of Iowa professor is now out of a job, months after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. Jeffery Nock was a lecturer in the Tippie School of Business. The University fired him for violating the university's sexual harassment policy.

...Kerri True-Funk works with the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault. She said it happens more often than people realize in the employment and educational realms.

"Unfortunately things like this happen all too frequently with individuals...autonomy and for people to be treated with fairness and respect a lot of times gets overshadowed," said True-Funk.

True-Funk said the only way to change it is to change how victims feel about reporting misconduct and how society views this issues.

"It's really examining how we talk about this kind of experience how we frame survivors of this kind of experience," said True-Funk,

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