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We are angry

We are angry.

We are angry because we have seen people in power politicize Mollie Tibbetts’ death to attack immigrant communities.

We are angry because we have seen the devastating impact ICE raids and deportations have had on immigrant Iowans.

We are angry because, with the discriminatory Muslim ban in place, it means some Iowans are unable to go home to visit or help out their families. They fear they may not be allowed back into the U.S. once they leave.

We are angry, because we know that many advocates working for victim service programs across the state are helping survivors dealing with these issues—even as advocates themselves cope with these same issues in their homes and with their families.

We are angry... and we know that many community members, volunteers, and advocates working with survivors are angry, too. We must come together to support everyone who is living through these very difficult times in our country. Here are some suggestions about what we can do right now:

  • Check in with one another frequently. Ask “how are you doing?” or “What do you need today?”

  • Ask about a person’s basic needs. Many people are losing family members who helped sustain households. Is there enough food? Do the utilities or the rent need to be paid?

  • If children are present in a person’s household, is assistance needed to get the children to and from school? Are there childcare needs that you can help out with?

  • How might a person be getting in touch with loved ones? Do they need phone cards?

  • Everyone needs community with an understanding of experiences—how can you help provide that critical connection?

  • And remember: those of us in personal crisis also need a break from helping survivors and others in crisis. How can you offer a break for someone else’s personal healing?

Yes, we are angry—and we have every right to be. It's okay that we're angry. With anger comes power. With anger comes strength. With anger comes action.

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