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Kim Reynolds quietly signed unconstitutional immigration bill

Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a bill designed to force Iowa police and sheriffs to assist with federal immigration enforcement.

In so doing, she undermined public safety and constitutional rights against unreasonable searches and seizures–not only for those living in Iowa without legal authorization, but also for immigrants who are lawfully present or even U.S. citizens.

...Reynolds signaled plans to demagogue against undocumented immigrants by touting her opposition to sanctuary cities in a campaign fundraising e-mail earlier this year. However, she may no longer see Senate File 481 as a political winner. She signed the bill on April 10 without any public event, nor did she brag about the new law in a stand-alone press release. Rather, the news was buried in the middle of a release about seventeen bills signed that day.

At the governor’s next press conference, journalists should ask why she ignored police chiefs and county sheriffs who warned the bill would impede their crime-fighting efforts. Beth Barnhill, Executive Director for the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault, slammed Reynolds in this April 11 statement.

It’s ironic that Governor Reynolds—someone who has repeatedly voiced her support for survivors of sexual violence in the past—should sign this egregious piece of legislation into law during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Shame on you, Governor. Your signature on Senate File 481 undermines any previous support you’ve voiced for survivors. Immigrant communities will suffer as a result of your decision to sign this bill.

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