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Safe At Home is new service offered for Abuse Victims

Survivors of sexual assault as well as trafficking, stalking, or violent crimes now have a new option of feeling safe while maintaining their residence with a new program offered in Iowa called the address confidentiality program (ACP). The Secretary of State Paul Pate says, “Currently,30 counties in the state of Iowa have utilized this new program that will forward the mail of a victim of abuse. We have begun coordinating with other states in order to fine-tune the program to make sure that the victim is getting the best use and we have begun evaluations and feedback forms from the survivors.” 37 states have the ACP. Iowa molded their program based on the programs that were being offered in Minnesota and Missouri. In order to participate, victims would get an application through the Coalition Against Domestic Abuse or the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking, stalking, or violent crimes are eligible and encouraged to use this program. With the program, there are only three to four people that would know the actual location of the survivor, including SAH staff members and a member of IT.

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