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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault and anti-violence organizations across the country continue to reflect on the violence affecting people of color. These atrocities have affected our culture far too long. We work toward a world without violence.

We support those working to address and dismantle institutional racism. Too many black, brown, and Native American lives have been lost. We support Black Lives Matter, an organization critical to this movement. We work toward a world without racism.

We are concerned about survivors of color who may not trust law enforcement due to harm caused by some officers. We urge the nation to stand with these survivors and others who are hurting. We actively seek to learn from other anti-violence advocates about alternatives to traditional legal systems. We work toward a just world.

Racism and rape have long been intertwined. A lack of justice for survivors of color has been built into the fabric of this country. We join the many folks seeking healing. We recommit to direct and loving action in support of Black Lives Matter and survivors of color. We work toward a loving and kind world.

And now, we get to work.

What Police Violence & Rape Culture Have In Common

Rape culture says that victims were "asking" to be raped if they wore short skirts. The media says that black people were asking to be murdered if we wore hoodies. (Bustle)

Self Care For People of Color After Psychological Trauma

When people of color are exposed to repetitive acts of racism (racism has been shown to be processed in our brains as trauma) a kind of post traumatic stress syndrome can develop. Race-based trauma can come in several forms.

11 Things White People Can Do To Be Real Anti-Racist Allies

Addressing racism and racial inequality as a white ally is, necessarily, difficult and uncomfortable work. It means recognizing that we cannot and will not dismantle a system it took hundreds of years to build in a day. But here, at the very least, is a place to start. (AlterNet)

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