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Reynolds defends secrecy of ally fired over sex harassment allegations

The office of Gov. Kim Reynolds now says it does have a written complaint detailing the sexual harassment charges against the former head of the Iowa Finance Authority, Dave Jamison.

Monday, the governor's office said it didn't have a written complaint. Tuesday, it does.

The governor's office blamed a staffer who did not know there was a written complaint detailing Jamison's behavior. Once the office realized the error, it acknowledged that the complaint did exist.

But the governor will still not release details of what Jamison did.

On Monday, Reynolds said she had no written records detailing why she fired Jamison and will protect the victims' confidentiality.

...Does a victim's right to privacy outweigh the public's right to know? The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault says it does.

"We really believe in the right of victims and survivors to determine for themselves when and where they talk about what happens to them," said Beth Barnhill, with the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

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