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This Iowa man was sexually assaulted. Now he's telling his story.

Editor's note: This article contains graphic descriptions of a sexual assault.

5 Year Anniversary It’s been five years ago today That put me on this path In light of this fact, I feel the need to reflect On the progress I have made As well as the progress I still have left. — Caleb Byers, June 2017


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Ia. — Caleb Byers still struggles talking about the night he says he was sexually assaulted.

When he starts to describe the scene — the way a male acquaintance he considered a father figure gave him a cup of “basically pure” Bacardi 151 and sat uncomfortably close before dragging a hand up his leg — the normally ebullient, easily excited, nerdy 25-year-old’s face goes blank.

His gaze becomes hazy as he stares nowhere in particular. His head drops, the weight of what he’s saying making it just too heavy to hold up.

Even five years past, the raw pain of that night and the years of addiction, depression and PTSD that followed are always there, he said, just one memory away.

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